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Zebes - Metroid Song


Metroid has been on my mind lately.

It started when my kiddo obtained Nintendo Land / WiiU and found the Metroid level, which begins with the gloriously beautiful theme from the original game.

And yesterday I picked up a box of odds an ends that had been at a neighbor’s house for years which, to my surprise, contained that original NES cartridge.

But what really burned it into my brain was today’s acquisition of a helmet. The helmet is for skiing, but whatever.

So tonight I went on a little search for the theme from the first game, which I found in orchestral form on YouTube by Video Games Live. It was great but didn’t isolate enough of the basics for me. The theme from the title screen of the original Metroid is so hauntingly beautiful that I wanted a simplified, nostalgia-fueled version. There are plenty of good piano renditions online but I needed something different. So here it is.

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